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We are faced with challenges in every role we play…

parent,        student,        friend,        partner,        employee.

And, at times, we all do a PHENOMENAL job at faking it everyday, to meet the expectations of these roles.

Saying YES, when we want to say NO.

Saying we’re FINE, (when we are not).

Making choices solely based on what others might think.

Why do we do this? Why not just be yourself?

The tough part is figuring out just what that is. We are all crazy unique and it doesn’t make sense that we all approach things the same way. Self Awareness is discovering all the key elements that make you tick, and the ability to separate true self from the “roles” we play. This is the first step in getting out of your own way.

And getting REAL.




There is a huge gap between what we learn as we grow up (in school, family, work) and what it takes to maneuver and live a life we can get excited about. This whole self awareness thing is great, but unless we know how to implement it in our daily life, we get stuck doing the same thing. OVER and OVER. Life coaching introduces life tools, that if coupled with your self awareness and a little grit, helps you see challenges and opportunities in a whole new light.



Knowing your truths & having life tools is futile without action. Adding ACTION to the equation with heaping cup of accountability and unconditional support and you have your own SECRET sauce for unleashing your best self.

DISCLOSURE: This journey is not for the faint of heart. It is a CHOICE. This choice opens you up to experiencing mistakes, failures, joy, self discovery, frustration, letting go, overcoming, conquering, kicking ass, accomplishment, success, risk taking, real conversation and connection.



noun: self-awareness

conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.