Looking for some guidance around how you can best support your son or daughter.
You’re fiercely committed to making sure your kids have what they need to be the best they can be academically, athletically, socially.

But sometimes you're not sure how to support them when certain struggles arise.



You think:

  • How can I help them get organized
  • Is there a better way for them to study
  • How do I help them cope with stress around school, grades, friends, “fitting in” and expectations
  • They hardly talk to me
  • When will the power struggle end
  • How can I motivate them
  • Why don’t they see their potential
  • Am I doing enough/What else can I do


Coaching will help you feel more at ease with KNOWING what to do and having the RIGHT answers to move forward in the best way for YOUR child. Our work together will make you feel more equipped to handling situation that used to give you angst, anger, worry or frustration. You become your own EXPERT.

What to expect?

Initial Conversation:  We can schedule a free 20-minute conversation by phone to talk about whether coaching is right for you.

Coaching Sessions:  Coaching sessions are typically 50 minutes.  Many families find that 4-6 coaching sessions are exactly what they need to make positive change in their family life.  Some families prefer fewer sessions and others find that ongoing support over time works well.