The Dalai Lama himself writes the Preface for this book for pete’s sake! To say that this is a foundational book to read for parenting is an understatement. This is a must read. Dr. Shefali offers you a parent philosophy that makes you rethink your role as a parent. Anyone who has a child, wants to have a child, is having a child, or WAS a child should read this. It’s a game changer


What I love about this book most is that it speaks to the many challenges that parents experience with their children and why. Dr. Shefali helps us understand the root of problem behaviors both in the child and the parent, where this comes from and how to shift both. My favorite piece of this book is Part 2, where she talk about the battle we are up against when we fall into the trap of believing one or all of the Myths of Parenting.


This book starts off with Commonly Asked Questions and what page to find the answer! Love that! Michael Riera is a teen guru and gives specific situations and stories both from the point of view of the teen and parent. He covers a spectrum of topics from natural consequences, single parenting, sports, eating disorders, sex, academics and more by giving us a translation of the teen years and how to handle tough situations and conversations.


Dr. Brad Reedy humbly shares his work and experiences as a wilderness therapist helping families with children struggling with mental health issues and addiction. He, along with these other authors, will change the way you think about parenting.

After reading this book, your angst and confusion is replaced with clarity and insight. You will feel more empowered about changing your own behavior and gives you an understanding on what healthy parenting looks like and HOW to make a positive change in your family.

Be ready to step out of your comfort zone!


I have devoured this book many times. It was a staple of mine when designing my retreats for teen girls. Rachel Simmons gives an articulate reality of what girls are up against on a daily basis and the need to break down unspoken cultural expectations that can imprison a girls self worth and the expression of her true self. Practical conversations, questions and exercises Simmons uses give great insight into anyone wanting to help a Good Girl transition, learn and discover the Real Girl within.